About Alec

Using a range of modalities and experience, Alec is able to help you discover a new way of being.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been proven as a holistic natural therapy, to affect deep and lasting change. This occurs where a deep relaxation state is achieved and the subconscious mind is accessed to enable change.

This state is a natural state of mind, similar to meditation, or a light sleep state or when just waking after deep sleep. When you are so relaxed that you feel you are on ‘auto-pilot’, or so involved in a task that you are unaware of time. We all experience this regularly in our daily life. Whilst in this trance-like state we are open and can connect to the subconscious mind where learned behaviour patterns, habits and blocks are formed. Alec’s Counseling skill will help you to move past these blocks, change behaviors and adapt new patterns.

Alec’s intuitive style, caring nature and extraordinary listening skills enable him to help unlock these blockages and limitations.

– Diploma of Hypnotherapy

– Diploma of Counseling

– Diploma of Ego States Therapy

– Diploma of Social Work